‘The Game’ Shortlisted for Macmillan WriteNow Prize!


Clare Sandling’s children’s novel ‘The Game’ has been shortlisted for the first Macmillian WriteNow Prize.

The WriteNow Prize is working with independent booksellers to find the best new writing for children.


Clare’s novel was chosen from hundreds of entrants to join three other shortlisted novels. The winner is expected to be announced by Macmillan over the summer.

About ‘The Game’

Webster school is a failing school, and, with its eight blocks of black brick, it looks like a giant spider. Will’s first days there are so hilariously awful that his Professor dad steps in and invents The Game. Instead of Year 7, Will and his friends must pass a different level for each school subject. Riddled with puzzles, The Game is already a challenging task, but then Will’s dad’s arch rival The Architect invades The Game, corrupting the programming and making each level more dangerous and deadly. Can Will and his friends defeat him and save the day?

2 comments on “‘The Game’ Shortlisted for Macmillan WriteNow Prize!
  1. Daniel Whelan says:

    Hello Clare,
    I’m one of your fellow longlisters. I found your site and thought I’d say hi, and ask if you’d mind if I linked to this page from my blog? I’ve collected some of the other writers’ synopses there, and would like to include yours if that’s ok?

  2. clare.sandling says:

    Daniel – sorry for the long delay and big congratulations on being shortlisted! I’d love for you to link to my site and include the synopsis and I will link to yours too.
    All the best!

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